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Experience a Real Adventure in Vietnam.


A trip to Vietnam will be something exciting because it will not be like your other travel experiences.  If you want to experience a vacation which is far from the usual, it is good to check out Vietnam.  You will experience real adventures in this place.  This country will surprise you with their wonders and treats.  Their cuisine is a mixture of the indigenous, Chinese, and French influences.  You can experience much of Vietnam's history through their architecture and historic towns.  If you look at the historical landmarks of the cities of Hue and Hanoi, you will see how Vietnam has evolved from their early Chinese influencers to what they are today.


The usual attractions in Vietnam are non-commercial.  When you visit the famous destinations in this country, you will find them very simple, laid back, but still with all the natural unspoiled charm.  One of the charms of Vietnam is the Sa Pa terraces, which lies in the northern border of Vietnam, near China.  In this place you don't see what you usually see on vacation destinations.  The terraces are like stairways that leads to the clouds which is a beautiful sight.  In the morning these terraces are wrapped in morning mist with a truly surreal view. If you want to read about eat pho, visit us!


Phy Quoc offers a destinations which boasts of tropical forests, unspoiled coastlines, and clean beaches.  Because they are not so developed and they are unspoiled they offer a different experience from what we know.  It is a simple, pure beach experience.  If you strip away the modern facilities in beach resorts and just leave the sand and the beach, then that quality is what you find in the beach resort of Vietnam.  The Nha Trang is also a clean, unspoiled wide-open beach.  Beside this town is a beautiful bay.  Nha Trang will give visitors a delightful beach experience.  If you have given up on the typical beach resorts in Hawaii or Florida, Nha Trang will give you a totally different beach experience.


There are also many historical travel spots in Vietnam.  There are many historical sites in this place.  Outside of Ho Chi Mind City, formerly Saigon are the Cu Chi Tunnels.  These tunnels were widely used by the Viet Congs during the Vietnam War. Experiencing part of history firsthand is something which you get if you crawl through the tunnels.  How they were carved and interconnected will be shown to you. You’ll find detailed facts from


Fishing and commercial ports also abound in Vietnam.  This is located in Hoi An, on the east coast of the South China Sea.


Going to Vietnam for a vacation gives you a lot of surprises.  The memories you can keep are mostly exotic.  Because of the unspoiled and un commercialized spots, your experience will be something different. You will have a really unique experience traveling to Vietnam. You may go here, if you got some questions.